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Body Positive Brand Movement | Luminous Self Love Experience

I talk a lot with my clients about positioning themselves within their branding to align with their ideal client. I help them develop a plan , how to speak directly to their target audience, and share their story using different types of media.  Nothing cements my advice more is when my dream clients find me through my own brand positioning. That’s Megan, well that 99% of my clients to be honest.  The moment I chatted with Megan early this year about her first project Embrace, I knew her projects were about to shake my design game up in an amazing way.

Megan’s work is physiology as a therapist specializing in working with women in children to overcome traumatic experiences has blossomed over into her photography business. When Megan first started explaining her vision behind Luminous, I was shook. I have worked with many photographers over the years but with Megan, when she spoke of the feeling she wanted her brand to convey and it lit a fire under me. She spoke with such warmth and passion for changing women’s perspectives on how they see themselves. To help women heal. To use photography as her media in which she can help women see their worth.

We wanted to create brand that felt safe yet powerful. That shined a light on body positivity and created warms and authentic space for Megan’s ideal clients. You see this isn’t just a photography brand this is a movement. This is an experience woman can use to take back their power, to heal from trauma, to see their worth when it’s so hard to see it in the mirror. It provides a space for all women. All shapes, size, race, and religion. It’s a community we all wished at one point we had beside us.

Megan dove deep with me inside her brand. I take my clients through thought-provoking research within their brand to build pillars to their brand story, to narrow down and understand who their ideal client is and how to provide the most authentic brand voice and message. we use this information not only to develop and design a kick ass brand we use this information to help plan and position my clients to reach their ultimate goals.

Here is a peek into Megans Brand Guide!




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