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Website makeover on a budget | Featuring Joanna Showit Template

You might have dreams of opening your own business or starting your own blog but finding the budget for a professional designer when you are in the first years of your business isn’t always easy. That is the exact reason I launched our Showit template shop! I wanted to be able to provide a budget-friendly option that was packed with the same level of beauty and professionalism as one of my custom websites!

Our Showit Templates

Our Showit templates are packed full of personality and designed exclusively for the Showit platform. These templates are perfect for life coaches, business coaches, marketing agencies, photographers, influencers, and many other creative professionals. Each of our templates come with 10 + pages installed and are completely customizable. We also included a self-guided course directly from the folks at showit so you are armed with the resources to create your amazing site! To top it off all templates include a web-based branding suite for a complete cohesive branding experience. This includes a customizable web-based logo, color template, and font guide.

Why I choose Showit

I have chosen to exclusively work with showit for my template shop because of how easy the platform is for my clients to use and the ability to have unmatched creative freedom from their platform. Showit is a drag-and-drop platform which means no coding! Showit partners with WordPress so not only you have the power of the creative showit platform you also have the power of WordPress at your fingertips! I highly suggest if you are not familiar with the platform, you take advantage of their free trail! 

Featuring the Joanna Template

Let me introduce you to Joanna. Joanna is one of my favorite website templates packed with Boho whimsy personality. She is perfect for coaches, influences, bloggers, photographers and any creative business owner. Everything from her natural color pallet to her scrapbook boho elements says to her readers “I have a story to share”!

Joanna is packed with 10 + pages. To see a demo visit our test site here!

Make sure you follow along on Instgram. We will be launch 3 more templates this summer!



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