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If you don’t know me I love trying and testing new programs that help make our life as designers and business owners easier! So when I stumbled upon a newer CRM called Moxie that had almost* all the same functions as our beloved Honeybook I had to give it a little test drive! I have […]

Am I Really Saying Goodbye to Honeybook and Hello to Moxie?

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More and more people are getting the chance to work from home or start their own businesses. We have compiled the best work from home must haves that you need to stay cozy and productive throughout your day. Work from home must have tech Most people are surprised we don’t own a mac! We like […]

Work from home must haves

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I’m not about New Year resolutions but what I am all about is setting goals. Goal setting both in your business and personal life is a great way to track your progress. Like many, I always start the new year off motivated and ready to work toward my goals. Then about March that motivation slowly […]

Goal setting with the 12 week year

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Today I’m showing you behind the scenes of my client-lead workflow using Honeybooks to book clients on autopilot with Showit! Having tools like Honeybooks helps keep my business organized all the while providing an incredible user experience. I use Honeybook to capture client leads, project management, invoicing, scheduling, and signing contracts. If you haven’t had […]

Using Honeybooks to book clients on autopilot with Showit

using Honeybooks to book clients on autopilot with Showit

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When you are working with a client 1:1 online the struggle of communication and getting your ideas across can be difficult! Tone, excitement, and vibe can easily be lost in email form or it feels like you typing out a novel describing your every thought. I felt this way when working with my web design […]

How to communicate easily with your clients using Loom.

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Struggling to book design clients? Hey fellow designer! I see you! You’re trying to figure it all out without getting burnt out and still not even close to being booked out… right? As a prior starving artist like you, I watched other designers seem to get shit right while I was stuck in the feast […]

Booked Out Designer by Elizabeth McCravy Review

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  Episode 6: The Programs I Use As A Creative Service Provider Welcome to episode 6 of the Cocktails with Creatives Podcast! Today I am chatting with my go-to programs and systems as a creative business owner. Having programs and systems that work for you and your business to help save time and keep you […]

The Programs I Use As A Creative Service Provider

Using Dubsado as a designer Amanda Mays

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Welcome to episode 3 of the Cocktails with Creatives Podcast! I am so excited to share with you my 4 secrets to improving your client experience. Happy clients make for happy chatter about our business and that is always good. It is so great for networking, word of mouth marketing, and referrals which turn into […]

4 Secrets to Improving Your Client Experience

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In this episode, I am breaking down the main things I invested inside my business. I’m sharing what worked, what didn’t and key investments I have made that have really propelled my business to the next level. While each of our businesses and journeys are different I hope sharing some of my journeys will help […]

All Things Investments As a Small Business Owner

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Using Dubsado as a designer As a graphic and web designer keeping my business organized is key but that is something I struggle with a lot. I have tried several different programs to keep myself organized and Dubsado has always been the winner! I’m going to take you through how I use dubsado within my […]

How I Keep My Clients Organized with Dubsado.

Using Dubsado as a designer Amanda Mays

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So your business is ready for clients… You did the work,  you learned the skills, you launched your website, but where are the clients? Sound familiar? It can be tricky finding the first few clients when you are launching a new business. I have been there and I put this list together to help navigate […]

Finding Your Next Clients

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What’s working 2020 This week I am sharing with you some of my 2020 goals and what’s been working for me to bring them to light! 2020 is my fresh start. I relaunched my business after taking almost a year off! I have so many goals this year and things I can’t wait to share […]

Whats working in 2020