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Welcome to Hearth & Hue. Join us on a journey as we create a brand that reflects your individuality, ignites the warmth within your spirit, and greets you like an old friend.

At Hearth & Hue, we infuse brands with a touch of nostalgia, evoking the comfort of a warm hug, a cozy cup of coffee, or perhaps a scotch on the rocks with a twist—no judgment here! Our approach is to use your personality as inspiration to uncover your brand essence. Whether you're bubbly, edgy, or sarcastic (hey, me too!), we're here to celebrate what makes you unique, ensuring your dream clients recognize their perfect match when they find you—just like you did here ;)

With our tools and templates in collaboration with Showit, we craft an online presence for your brand that exudes the charm of a custom website without the hefty price tag.

let's sit back with a glass of wine & get to know each other like old friends.

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View  our collection of uniquely crafted brands that blend creativity with nostalgia. Each client tells a compelling story, unique to their own personality. 


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Our Design Services

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Semi Custom Website Design

What if you had someone who knew all that Showit backend inside out and could help you get your website launched for way less than what you would spend on a custom site? That's where we come in!

Investment includes:
  • Website intensive to uncover your brand vibe, & messaging
  • Template recommendations
  • Customizing up to 6 pages of your chosen Showit's template 
  • Implementing all copy, images, branding & links
  • 3 custom sections
  • 7-day support to guide you through any issues
  • Add on pages available
Packages begin at $1,600 (template not included). Payment plans are available.

Our Design Services

Let's Work together

Our custom experience is designed to unleash your brand voice, your messaging, vibe and create an entire world for your brand.

Investment includes:

Brand Design

  • Branding intensive
  • Kick off call
  • Mood board
  • Primary Logo
  • Variation Logo
  • Brand mark
  • Color Pallet
  • Typography
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Pattern or Textures
  • Coordinating design elements
Packages begin at $2,000 (template not included). Payment plans are available.

In the world of hustle, I understand with the the longing to slow down, the importance of attracting the audience that sparks your creativity and, a brand that reflects your true passion
My heartfelt mission is to guide you in crafting a brand that tells your passion-filled story. The heart-pounding, oh-em-gee-I -can’t-believe-we’re-actually-doing-this kind of work. Because the heart of a great brand is YOU, and you deserve someone who understands you - someone who sees your artistry and passion and tailors the branding experience specifically to your needs.


Crafting the design experience you crave

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Five Star Reviews

Take it from me, you need to work with Amanda if you’re at all serious about growing your business, 

I was at a point in my business This year where my DIY methods were just not cutting it anymore. I felt I didn’t have a strong personal brand and that was hurting me with potential clients. I was embarrassed by my website and vowed that “one day” i would fix it. I found Amanda and I immediately knew she was who I had to work with. From our first call, I knew she really cared about helping me and was actually excited about where my business could go. She took the time to learn about me and what my business truly needed.

She was a caring friend throughout the process. I came away with a beautiful website and a brand that is true to me. There are so many options for branding and web design out there but if you want someone who truly cares about you and your success as a business owner then you need Amanda! No one else will take care of you and cheer you on better than her!

Stunning Showit website templates crafted to Convert. 

Showit Website templates

You have a business with high-value services, but your brand and website doesn't match what you are bringing to the table.
Showit's intuitive platform paired with our stunning customizable templates is the recipe for your success.