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Just launched

Just launched

You have a business with high-value services, but your brand and website doesn't match what you are bringing to the table.
Showit's intuitive platform paired with our kick ass customizable templates is the recipe for your success.

Shop our collection of Showit templates that resonates with you. Every template in our collection is designed to showcase the value and experience you offer your clients.

Taking you from lost to launched.

The process 

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Follow our self guided Showit insiders to set up your new Showit template or get help setting up your template by hiring our pros to customize your site for you!

Taking you from lost to launched.

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Choose DIY or Get Help from the Pros!

Grab our signature launch audit before you launch! One of our design pros will comb through your website, test links, and guide you through with professional feedback to make sure your site is ready to launch!

Taking you from lost to launched.

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Get Feedback from the pros before you launch!

Now it's time to party! Submit your finished template into our directory of kick-ass clients where we share your biz and all your hard work! 

Taking you from lost to launched.

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Launch and celebrate!! 

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Five Star Reviews

This website template is not only absolutely beautiful but it is functional and easy to customize too!

Amanda is a great brand strategist and web developer. Her creativity and professionalism helped bring my business to the next level. She is a great investment into your business's future.
Jlee Interiors & Co

Her creativity and professionalism helped bring my business to the next level.

Amanda has been a sweetheart to work with. Showit was a little intimidating to me but the instructions that accompanied the template were clear and easy to follow. I was off and running in just minutes! I will be back for all of my design needs!

Her designs are the epitome of what I want my brands to be!

This is the second template I have purchased from Amanda and I am just as blown away by the second one as I was the first. Her eye for design is perfect. Her designs are the epitome of what I want my brands to be! The instructions were easy and clear and I hit the ground running on customization. I can't recommend her enough!

Learn how to Customize your Showit Template

Get the insiders guide

Learning to customize your Showit template can be overwhelming! We continue to provide tutorials, tips and behind the scenes guides to teach you the ins and out of customizing your Showit template. 

If you are ready to build a website and brand that connects + hits all the feels in the process, then let me introduce your new design bff!

I’m Amanda, brand strategist and website designer for women entrepreneurs who know their brand’s value and want to build an online presence to match.

We Build Websites that connect your value with your client's needs.

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your design BFF

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