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Finding Your Next Clients

So your business is ready for clients…

You did the work,  you learned the skills, you launched your website, but where are the clients? Sound familiar? It can be tricky finding the first few clients when you are launching a new business. I have been there and I put this list together to help navigate you in the right direction in landing your first client!

This is also good for anyone who has been in business longer and might be experiencing a slowdown! There are clients out there waiting for you, I promise!

Below is a detailed list of where my fellow business friends and I all found out first clients!

1. Facebook groups- Find Facebook groups with your target audience in them. Someone is always posting asking for recommendations on a wide variety of services. Remember when joining groups, don’t just post to sell sell sell. Bring value to the community, comment on other’s postings. Cheer members on. Help when you can. Always bring value before you try to sell!

2. Ask for referrals from family, friends, past co-workers, & past teachers, etc.

3. Local Networking Groups – There any many local networking groups. Some groups are primarily for women-run business or community-wide business. Find out when their meetings are and go get to know others and share with them what you are doing! Chances are you will walk out with many new connections and maybe a new biz friend!

4. Online Networking Groups- instead of going to an in-person networking event there are many online that are just as beneficial!

5. Job Boards/Freelancing Sites- there is a wide variety of job boards. I have used Upwork in the past and have been very happy with it. I am still currently working with a client I found there 5 years ago!

6. Partner with similar business- example: If you are a copywriter then partnering up with a web designer and share referrals!

7. Guest on podcast or blog- this is a great way to reach a whole new audience of potential clients. Sharing your story along with your services. Keep in mind the same rules apply here, give value before you try to sell!

8. Contractors/agencies – There any many businesses that hire freelancers for their customer base. Example a virtual assistant agency will hire a handful of VA’s and then match them with who’s skills match their client’s needs.

9. Build a following- This isn’t an overnight solution but its a great solution when it comes to future sales. Get on the social media platform you favor. (I love IG personally) Connect with others. take interest in them, comment, like, and share who you are drawn too. Give value. Share freebies, free workshops, or challenges. When you post don’t post just to post or sell but to share your value and the gifts you have. Example: Maybe you’re a pro at Dubsado- share one tip a day in your stories on how to get the most out of the platform. Maybe you are a designer you could share a DIY on saving custom icons for IG highlights.

10. Co-working space- If you’re already working at home, try working form a co-working space in your community. This a great way to not only get out of the house and work in a nice office but you will also meet new people and make new connections!

I hope these tips help you land your next client!



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