I'm a small town girl from the Mitten State aka Michigan. I'm mildly obsessed with Diet Coke, pulled pork nachos, rainstorms, and anything creative! You can normally find me rocking a messy bun and in yoga pants. I am married to my amazing carpenter husband ( who might I add builds a mean farmhouse table) and we share two not so little nuggets 15 & 12.

I know I don't look old enough to have a teenager right? ( just agree with me your 30's are hard ya'll.) I was the OG Teen Mom BEFORE they had a network series.

My son & daughter both have incurable medical conditions, my son is a Type 1 diabetic, and my daughter has Glaucoma. This keeps us are our toes but every step of this journey we are thankful for. So much of what I do is for them!

My dream started like many of yours wanting to both have a career and stay at home with my kids. I was blessed with this amazing opportunity to be a women entrepreneur and a mother, and I couldn't wait to help others achieve their dreams!

Hey I'm Amanda