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Brand Strategy that Converts

Guiding my clients through our signature brand strategy process is one of my favorite parts of working together. I like our process to feel like one of those really great conversations you have with your friends. You know the kind where you lose all track of time, you are having so much fun and you end up learning so much about one another. Instead of learning about your friend though you are uncovering all of this amazing formation about your brand!


So many of my clients think they have done the work understanding their brand, but more often then, not they have only just scratched the surface.

Branding goes so much deeper than colors, logos, and design elements. In our signature program, we dive deep into understanding all aspects of your brand and the strategy behind it.


Step one: Brand Development Guide

In this first step, we drive deep into your why.

Why have you chosen this path?

Where are you going?

Why does this dream, goal, idea light you up.

We start to uncover the important values you as a brand stand behind. Your mission, and how you’ll remain dedicated to your brand and clients. We discuss your future goals and where you see your brand in 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, and so on. We create together the pillars of your brand that not only is valuable today but will become more valuable and necessary in the future.

Our goal here is to understand you, where you come from, and where you are going.

These pillars become the backbone of your brand, and are so important to the strategy to set you up to meet your future goals!


Step 2: Your ideal client

This step you might say to yourself “oh, I know exactly who they are. I can skip this!” No ma’am you can’t. We dig deep here too! We don’t just talk about your client’s personality we dive deep to undercover who they are, how they think, feel, and respond.

I teach you how to research your audience, what question to ask, and plan for any pivots (stop saying that in Ross’s voice… okay just one more time PIVOT!) we need to make so you are showing up for your target group.

Here we begin to understand our client’s needs, problems, and learn how to show up the way we can benefit our audience the most.



Step 3:  Hone in your brand voice and message

This right here is the bread and butter! Okay, it all is but here I help you develop your authentic message. When we have a clear true message that aligns with who we are and who you are speaking to you can show up to serve your audience better. We begin to understand the tone we want to convey to our readers. We are able to share our voice with those who can befit from your message.

Have you ever felt stuck on what to say during a discovery call or Instagram post?  This step right here will be your saving grace! We brain dump our message here and fragment them up to create a script of messages that matter most to you and your audience.



Step 4: Your brand aesthetic and vibe

This is where we start the design process but first, we need to create the mood of your brand. Using the homework we just did we will start creating the vibe you want your brand to have. The colors you are attracted to, the emotion you want to create. We start to bring your brands personality to life! If the first 3 steps didn’t get you excited (don’t worry they will) this part is where you will light up for sure!



When I take my clients through this experience I want them to have fun, I want them to feel excited,  just as much as I want to show them the value. I think of my clients as friends. I want them to be able to rely on me with their goals as if they would rely on their best friend. My job here is to listen, understand, and cultivate their brand story. If you think this is something you feel you could befit from (I mean we all could right)  feel free to reach out and let’s chat through your ideas! I’m a no-pressure kinda gal and like I said I’m here to listen!

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