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Interior Design Website + Brand | Jlee Interiors and Co. San Antonio Texas

Introducing my amazing client Jlee Interiors and Co. in San Antonio Texas.

Jlee is an extremely talented and knowledgeable interior design in San Antonio Texas. She instantly made my heart leap when she told me during our discovery call how she specializes in the preservation of historic homes. If you know me you know I have a love for history and my dream is to live in a historic home. Jlee is not only knowledgeable about historic design her talent reaches many design styles, new construction, and real estate. She is truly inspiring!


Behind Jlee’s Interior Design Brand

When brainstorming the look and vibe of Jlee’s brand we wanted a warm welcoming approach to her design and vibe.  Jlee is working with some of her client’s biggest investments but more importantly within their home so trust was a huge factor. This is the place they will make many of their lives memories. We also wanted to also convey her professionalism and talent without being cold.


Inside Jlee’s Interior Design Website

Jlee website is a landing pad for many of her amazing services but also an educational resource for her followers and clients. We created a blog and quick tips section for lovers of history and interior design can learn and grow from Jlee’s knowledge. We created spaces for virtual interior design, in-person interior design, seminars, portfolio and so much more!. See it live in action here.


Do you need with your interior design brand and website?

I would love to help you grow your brand and online community! Reach out for ways to work with me here.




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