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How I Keep My Clients Organized with Dubsado.

Using Dubsado as a designer

As a graphic and web designer keeping my business organized is key but that is something I struggle with a lot. I have tried several different programs to keep myself organized and Dubsado has always been the winner! I’m going to take you through how I use dubsado within my own business and how it keeps my client and workflow working flawlessly even when I’m not in front of the computer!

Client leads with Dubsado

I use dubsado’s lead contact form directly on my website to capture leads and keep them organized from the first contact! If someone is interested in working with me they can fill out my lead/contact form. I have that form connect to my dubsado that collects their information that I need to get to know them and what they need my help with. After they submit the form I have a workflow installed that will automatically email the client back with the next steps, the option to book a free call, and when they can expect to hear from me. This frees up so much of my time and I always hear from my client how easy it is to get in contact with me and how professional everything is!


Scheduling meetings with Dubsado

Instead of using another 3rd party app I love how dubsado integrates with my google calendar and provides a scheduling template for my potential clients and current clients. Dubsado integrates with Zoom (and Goggle Meet) to automatically set up a meeting room and reminder emails! This really helps keep everything organized inside one platform and another big time saver!


Important documents for my clients using Dubsado

I have a lot of important documents that need to stay organized and deliver to my clients. Using dubsado to keep my projects organized and my document sorted under their designated project is perfect. I can email my client’s contract to them and have them sign and file under their project with a click of a button. I also use their invoicing payment gateway to have my clients pay for their services. The templates for proposals, packages, invoices, forms, contracts. and canned emails.


I highly recommend Dubsado to any service-based provider!

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