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The Design Experience

Your brand is a reflection of your business’ mission and drive. My focus is on creating a unique brand + website that grows with you and captivates your core brand message. 

You’ve likely heard it said “You don’t have to have a professionally designed website to start your business.” - this sentiment isn’t wrong. A DIY website will serve you well as you develop your brand identity and streamline your skills and services.

-When you are ready to level up in your business...
-When you are ready to be the go-to-girl in your industry...
-When you ready to book higher paying clients...
-When you know the high end value your clients will receive but your brand doesn't reflect it...

That’s when having a professional brand + killer website aligns with your goals. That's when you will move the needle forward.

I was at a point in my business This year where my DIY methods were just not cutting it anymore. I felt I didn’t have a strong personal brand and that was hurting me with potential clients. I was embarrassed by my website and vowed that “one day” i would fix it. I finally decided enough was enough and that I had to make this investment if I wanted to grow in my business. I found Amanda in the showit facebook group and I immediately knew she was who I had to work with. From our first call, I knew she really cared about helping me and was actually excited about where my business could go. She took the time to learn about me and what my business truly needed.
Tiffany Fondern

Take it from me, you need to work with Amanda

5 star Reviews

Amanda is a great brand strategist and web developer. Her creativity and professionalism helped bring my business to the next level. She is a great investment into your business's future. 
Jlee Interiors & Co

Her creativity and professionalism helped bring my business to the next level.

5 star Reviews

Amanda was easy to work with. She took her ideas and what ideas I had and created a beautiful brand that feels like me! So many people are finding me from Google and even comment about how I must have great SEO because they find me right away 🙌🏻! They always comment about how pretty my website and they just KNEW I was meant to work with them.
So so thankful for my branding!
Hannah Bowyer

So so thankful for my branding!

5 star Reviews

My brand needed a revamp and you did just that and more, She gave valuable information that goes beyond our time working together. The information and services she provided served as one of cornerstones that would  help us build our small empire. Simple way to put it, the service She provided has endless possibilities ahead. To get exactly what I want and more is a success in my books. I find a lot of inspiration in your own way of communicating with me as your client and ways of how I will improve my client experience, for me that is the golden nugget.
Menhart Films

Simple way to put it, the service She provided has endless possibilities ahead

5 star Reviews

Templates & resources 

Custom brand  & Web design

Website creator experience

how I help my clients

Our Services

Try my signature Website Creator Program that takes you from lost to launched in just one-two weeks. We pair custom branding with premade templates to help save money and launch super fast!

Our custom experience will include everything you need to  find you brands inner bad ass and launch your new high end  brand and website into  the world. 

Elevate your online community quickly and easily with our easy to customize templates for the Showit Platform. 

Custom All inclusive Experience


After completing our branding phase we will move into the website phase! We specialize in the Showit platform, I create beautiful websites with strategic design crafted around a great user experience.

Your experience will include: Custom Website Design, Website Strategy Planning Sessions, Launch Kits, Sales Page Design, and Our signature content guide to help you plan and write your copy or partner with a copy writer!

When we are ready to launch you wont be on your own here either. I help plan you debut  This includes multiple launch graphics tiktok/reels social media post and more! When we party we party!

Website Design

A Comprehensive brand strategy & development approach. Experience will include everything you need to launch your new brand and website.

We help you dig deep into your brand with our signature brand development intensive. Here we will help you strategically develop your brand pillars, voice, message, and vibe. 

From here we begin to design your brand with the intention to serve you and your audience! We create your brand mood board, logo suit, brand colors and style guides, launch kits, media kits, and social graphics, Anything you need to launch your brand we have you covered!


Most of my clients only invest between  $3,800-$5,800 Please inquire for your custom quote! 

Payment plans avaliable 

Want to be apart of s tribe of bad-ass women? You are ready to have fun and be inspired! Come to me a client but leave as a friend! I have the best tribe around and I'd love to share it with you!

Are you ready to share your story but lack the creativity to tell it? Maybe you have a creative mind but you just cant seem to organize your thoughts and need to lean on a pro.

Are you  laid back Linda (Karen's not need to apply). No offense here! If your name is Karen I would love to chat. What I mean is my personality works best with easy going, doesn't take life to seriously, kind hearted, warm  individuals!

How to tell if we are a good fit?

Investment includes:
-Before the day meeting to prioritize and plan our 2 weeks together
-Template recommendations
-Access to our content planner guide: 
-Website intensive to uncover your brand vibe, voice and message
-Customizing one of showit's amazing template (Price of template not included)
-Implementing all content, images, & links
-Directions and assistance  on how to launch when you are ready
-30-day support to guide you through any issues
-Access to Showit’s self-guided course to teach you how to manage your website

Need branding?!
Gotcha! We have an exclusive package  just for you! Apply below for more info.

Starting at: $1,400. Payment plans available.

The Website Creator

Template Customization

Research done, we begin to bring your brand vision to life. My process is a collaborative one, working closely together to ensure authenticity and a hands-on approach. The end result is an elevated brand presence with personality & passion that is 100% YOU!

Design & Develop 

Once you have accepted your proposal, you’ll receive a welcome pack. It’s filled with all kinds of branding goodies like your homework checklist, goals, and what you can expect from our time together. You’ll also see our contract and invoice to make it official.
This is also where your brand personality comes out to play. Together we will go through my research guides to build and identify your brand values, vision & vibe

Welcome & Research

We’ll hop on Google with our drink of choice (and if yours has a lil’ sumthin’ in it, I promise I won’t judge!). Let’s get to know each other! We’ll chat about your project, goals, and where you feel the most inspired. Bonus, you get to talk nonstop about your passion with someone who will be just as jazzed about it as you are! If we vibe and this collab feels like a good fit, I’ll send over a proposal for you to check out

Meet & Greet

How It Works

step one

step two

step three

Are you a DIY'er at heart our Showit templates are just the thing for you! Our Showit website templates hit every mark your website needs. High-end templates with built-in customizable branding. We’ll paired beautiful design with some solid strategy so you can showcase what it is that makes you so awesome. Best part? You get the look a custom website without the price tag.

Customizable Website Template for Creative business owners 

Showit templates starting at $375


I only work with 1-2 clients at a time that way I can truly focus on helping you grow! Contact me here are we can chat and get to know one another and see if vibe!

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