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I’ll be right there helping you get your dream website launched and out into the world. 

The best part is you aren’t doing it alone

Sounds fun right?

It’s like a productivity party in your PJ’s - you get shit done while wearing fuzzy socks and sipping a cocktail!

Being a small business owner might feel like you have to add Website Designer to your entrepreneurial toolbox. Still, the reality is, being a great entrepreneur is knowing when to outsource so you can focus on what you do best.

Does this sound like you?

you have an awesome Showit template just waiting to be modified
Your old site doesn’t feel like you anymore, but you don’t have time to make the needed changes.
Working on your website puts you into a cycle of indecision overwhelm

So every time you open the site to work on it, instead of getting anything done,

You don't Have to be an expert at everything.

I believe this process should be treated with joy and enthusiasm - just like you feel telling others about what you do. Nothing lights my creative fire quite like being around people who are passionate about what they do.

This isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of collab (because those things never fit right anyway!) - we’re building a website with YOUR business in mind.

And you know it will be fun because you aren’t doing this alone anymore!

Creating your brand is a reflection of your heart.

Believe it or not, accountability is sexier than it sounds.
With The Website Creator, it means:
-A brand suit that is custom to you.
-Expert guidance in customizing your template to match your brand
-Someone to shop templates with you to make sure you purchase one that will make the most of your content.
-A designer’s expertise in customizing fonts and adjusting brand colors.
- Having someone there by your side making sure the job gets done!

See! I told you it was sexy!

Doing it alone hasn’t worked. You need accountability

It’s time to pop some confetti, ‘cause your website is just about           


It’s fast - No more waiting for months to get your website and brand to get launched.

It’s valuable - You’ll save time, money, and a whole lotta late night stress-eating your way through learning how to embed codes.

It’s easy - I do all the hard stuff & you’ll get my signature content guide to help you create the copy needed for your project!

It’s done for you! - A custom looking website without the custom price tag!

Hot damn! Doesn’t that get you excited?

Website Intensive - We’ll take what you’ve been dreaming up, learn your your vibe, your voice and you message and customize  a templates that truly reflects you.

Accountability - Doing it alone hasn’t gotten it done. You need someone in your corner, helping you work past the parts that are keeping you stuck.

Real-Time Progress- Not only will you watch your website come together live, but you’ll also be able to offer feedback, ask questions, and see immediate results. (Helllllllooo dinner with the fam. Goodbye, Cup O’ Noodles at 10 pm!)

What’s in it for you?

Affordability - You get a website  you are proud of, for a price you can afford.

We offer flexible payment plans to help you budget for your investment!

what you get

Continued Support - I’ll provide you with a 30-day support guide as well as access to Showit’s self-guided course that teaches you how to manage your website.

I was at a point in my business This year where my DIY methods were just not cutting it anymore. I felt I didn’t have a strong personal brand and that was hurting me with potential clients. I was embarrassed by my website and vowed that “one day” i would fix it. I finally decided enough was enough and that I had to make this investment if I wanted to grow in my business. I found Amanda in the showit facebook group and I immediately knew she was who I had to work with. From our first call, I knew she really cared about helping me and was actually excited about where my business could go. She took the time to learn about me and what my business truly needed.
Tiffany Fondern

Take it from me, you need to work with Amanda

5 star Reviews

Amanda is a great brand strategist and web developer. Her creativity and professionalism helped bring my business to the next level. She is a great investment into your business's future. 
Jlee Interiors & Co

Her creativity and professionalism helped bring my business to the next level.

5 star Reviews

Amanda was easy to work with. She took her ideas and what ideas I had and created a beautiful brand that feels like me! So many people are finding me from Google and even comment about how I must have great SEO because they find me right away 🙌🏻! They always comment about how pretty my website and they just KNEW I was meant to work with them.
So so thankful for my branding!
Hannah Bowyer

So so thankful for my branding!

5 star Reviews

My brand needed a revamp and you did just that and more, She gave valuable information that goes beyond our time working together. The information and services she provided served as one of cornerstones that would  help us build our small empire. Simple way to put it, the service She provided has endless possibilities ahead. To get exactly what I want and more is a success in my books. I find a lot of inspiration in your own way of communicating with me as your client and ways of how I will improve my client experience, for me that is the golden nugget.
Menhart Films

Simple way to put it, the service She provided has endless possibilities ahead

5 star Reviews

Investment includes:
-Before the day meeting to prioritize and plan our 2 weeks together
-Template recommendations
-Access to our content planner guide: 
-Website intensive to uncover your brand vibe, voice and message
-Customizing one of showit's amazing template (Price of template not included)
-Implementing all content, images, & links
-Directions and assistance  on how to launch when you are ready
-30-day support to guide you through any issues
-Access to Showit’s self-guided course to teach you how to manage your website

Need branding?!
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Starting at: $1,600. Payment plans available.

The Website Creator

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