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Hey guys! I'm Amanda your host of cocktails with creatives. 
Over on the podcast we uncover the good the bad and the ugly of running your business all the while sipping on cocktails and cheering each other on! 

Business tips and booze what's better than that?!

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bottoms up girl!

Every episode we share a favorite cocktail recipe with our listener! Time sip, learn, vent and repeat!

We chat all things business! Everything from business tips we use in our own business to the nightmare clients stories. We lay it all out on the table!

Have a win you want to share or a crazy client story? We want to hear it all! Text your story to ‪(989) 545-1193. Your contact information isn't saver and everything is anonymous!

I’m here for the deep work. The passion-filled storytelling. The heart-pounding, oh-em-gee-I -can’t-believe-we’re-actually-doing-this kind of work. Because the heart of a great brand is YOU, and you deserve someone who understands you - someone who sees your artistry and passion and tailors the branding experience specifically to your needs.


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