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Work from home must haves

More and more people are getting the chance to work from home or start their own businesses. We have compiled the best work from home must haves that you need to stay cozy and productive throughout your day.

Work from home must have tech

Most people are surprised we don’t own a mac! We like to march to the beat of a different drum I guess. Hp has had my heart for over a decade and in the last 10 years we have been super impressed with the Hp Envy line. Our old HP Envy was with us for over 6 years before our latest upgrade to the newest Hp Envy model.

I love the ability to turn my laptop into a table and draw directly in adobe illustrator. It makes my branding work so much easier and more seamless.

Some more of my favorite tech is all linked in my amazon storefront. Everything here is tested by me and I have had great luck with each item!

Work from home outfits

Staying cozy is a must for working from home, but keeping slightly professional for your impromptu zoom meetings is also super important. I have compiled my favorite work-from-home looks from amazon which are my go-to looks. Bonus most of them can paired with leggings because pants are so 2019.

Amazon must haves

These are my ride or die must haves for working at home. If you have any fav’s make sure you send them over, I love trying new products.

As an affiliate I receive a small percentage of sales for our link, All opinions are my own! I only recommend things I trust and have tried!

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