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Goal setting with the 12 week year

I’m not about New Year resolutions but what I am all about is setting goals. Goal setting both in your business and personal life is a great way to track your progress. Like many, I always start the new year off motivated and ready to work toward my goals. Then about March that motivation slowly fizzles out and I’m left with only about 20% of my goals accomplished for the whole year. Wanting 2023 to be different I started researching different goal-setting ideas and stumbled upon the book The 12 Week Year by Brian P. Moran & Michale Lennington and started diving in. The 12-Week Year focuses on breaking up the year into 12-week periods and getting as much accomplished in the “year”. Super intrigued by the concept I set forth in the process of goal setting with the 12 week year.

12 Week Year Notion Template

After about two chapters I was hooked! I set out to find a Notion template to help me organize my year. If you haven’t heard of Notion yet, it’s a powerful note-taking app that I use to organize just about everything in my life. I found the perfect 12 week year notion template on etsy and dove into planning out my year.

This video walks you through the template and how I have set up my 12-week year!

Goal Setting With The 12 Week Year

When you look at a big goal as a whole it’s so overwhelming to being the process of achieving it. The 12-week year breaks down your big goals into weekly tasks that help gain traction to meet your goal. After setting up my 12-week year and planning everything I wanted to accomplish in this year I was ready to hit the ground running. I found breaking down my goals into small actionable steps every week has kept the process organized and not as daunting. I seem to always know what I need to be working on and what the next steps are. This is only my second week into this new way of goal tracking but I have already found myself on tasks for weeks 3-4. I’m getting so much more accomplished than ever before.

Of course, this is still new and I will be doing a follow-up after my first set of 12 weeks is up! I can’t wait to share my progress with you. Please share yours with me if you find yourself on the same goal-setting path!

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