How to add flodesk email optin to your Showit template

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Add Flodesk Email Optin To Your Showit Template

There is so much to check off your list when building your showit website and today we have another helpful tutorial to get you one step close. How to add flodesk email optin to your Showit template.

I love using flodesk as my own email optin and for my clients. Flodesk is user-friendly, easy to design with, and their customer service is top-notch!

Helpful tips when adding flodesk email optin to your Showit template.

  1. Always provide something valuable in exchange for your subscriber’s email address. Give them a preview of what it’s like to work with you, a small discount code, free shipping, or a free guide. What would you want to receive? Make sure it benefits them in some way to share your value!
  2. Don’t use their email to only sell to them. Take time to build relationships, educate, provide free content, and never over email them!
  3. Have several different email optin offers. One thing might not be everyone’s cup of tea so give them options to join your list!

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How to add flodesk email optin to your Showit template



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