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Showit Templates Are Easy to Customize

I know you have heard me say it many times, but here it is again… Our showit templates are so easy to customize. Okay, I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you through learning a new platform will always have a learning curve and it takes time so if you are new to showit, of course, you will need to factor that in but once you have the basics down you can hit the ground running!

My customer Alexa was able to customize and launch her website in a week while still working full time in her business! Alexa is a local boudoir photographer and was feeling like her online space was not representing her as a business owner. She loves the ease of showit and how our showit templates are easy to customize but when it came to her own design she felt her website was missing the mark.

This was Alexa’s previous showit website.


Showit Templates Are Easy to Customize | Showit boudoir templates

Here is her boudoir website after using our divinity showit template!

Here is what Alex had to say about her experience working with the Divinity Showit Template…

This website template is not only absolutely beautiful but it is functional and easy to customize too! Amanda has been a sweetheart to work with. Showit was a little intimidating to me but the instructions that accompanied the template were clear and easy to follow. I was off and running in just minutes! I will be back for all of my design needs!

Boudoir By Alexa
Showit template review

Our Divinity template is perfect for boudoir photographers, brand photographers, and creative business owners!

The Divinity template has an edgy vibe with moody dark accents.

Included pages:

– Home
– About
– Gallery
– Investment
– Blog
– Single Post
– Contact
– Instagram Links
– 404
– Coming Soon

Sections that can be used on any page:
– Email Freebie optin
– Contact form
– Social Media
– About
– Services
– Galleries

We only work with the showit platform and we are luckily enough to be one of Showit’s Design Partners!

A few reasons why we choose Showit over other platforms:
-Easy to use virtual website builder
-Amazing support for the team at showit
– Integrates with WordPress Blog
– Desktop & Mobile Design
– Built for Conversion

Setting up your showit website is super simple and we walk you through the entire process:

YOu can start a free trial or purchase a subscription at I recommend the 2nd package labeled Showit + Basic Blog.

When you purchase your template you will instantly be provided a pdf link with instructions on how to upload your template. You can overview these instructions here

You are able to change the font, color, images, and layout on almost anything within our templates to match your business. Here is an overview of how to customize your template.


We alos have several add on in our shop including client guide and social media templates

Showit Templates Are Easy to Customize | Showit boudoir templates | Divinity Showit Template


We also have a specialty service to install and customize your purchased template so you can get back to what you are good at running your own business! Check out our Website Creator package for more information!



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