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The Sassy CFO | Brand and Showit Website Design

CFO Moody Showit Website Template

I am so excited to welcome Kelly from The Sassy CFO to our showit community. Kelly is a Women CFO that knows her shit and wants to teach women from all over how to grow their wealth without help from a man. Between her knowledge, motivation, and will to help women feel empowered I was beyond excited to be a part of her journey.

Luxury Moody Branding

Her vision for her brand was high-end luxury with a moody sexy vibe. Kelly wanted women to feel empowered when they came to her website. She wanted them to feel powerful, motivated, and form a don’t take shit from any man type attitude. I was here for all of that. I felt like everything Kelly stands for needs to be shouted into a megaphone from the streets.

We started with her moldboard to creat the vibe she was after.

After we created the vibe we moved into branding. Each of our clients gets a full presentation full of on brand concepts and live-in-action demos to choose the variation that fits most with the other overall direction of their project. We use Adobe Illustrator to create their brand files and Canava to present them to the client in an easy to use dashboard!

Showit Website Template

After our clients approve their brand we move on to their custom website. I custom build their website to not only be beautiful but to work for them. I believe your website should be your full-time employee. I help my clients plan what needs to be on their website, how their clients will manage the site and how to turn their viewers into clients! Each client is unique and creating a unique experience for your readers is very important. Our clients are involved every step of the way! I primarily use showit for my clients as a website platform. Showit is an easy to learn virtual website platform that allows for absolutely beautiful websites to be built on them!

If you want to learn more about the process of designing a custom brand and website I would love to meet with you and discuss your project. Contact Amanda



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