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Booked Out Designer by Elizabeth McCravy Review

Struggling to book design clients?

Hey fellow designer! I see you! You’re trying to figure it all out without getting burnt out and still not even close to being booked out… right?

As a prior starving artist like you, I watched other designers seem to get shit right while I was stuck in the feast or famine circle busy throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the wall trying to see what stuck. Why don’t they tell you how hard working for yourself can be when you’re binge-listening your favorite business podcast? Or maybe they do, but we are all just so excited to start our design studio that we don’t hear it.


Going at it alone isn’t easy! I tried that before and I failed. I burnt myself out and even quit at one point. I took a whole year off of the design studio dream because I was lost. I wasn’t booking consistent clients and the ones I did book definitely did not fit in my dream client category. I was so lost I couldn’t see what the problem really was. In my head I thought maybe it just wasn’t in the cards for me, maybe I just wasn’t good enough. The real problem was I focused all of my education on design and zero into anything else. No marketing, no client relations, and very little business education. Turns out you kinda need that stuff. You can be the best designer in the world and fail without these pillars.


Designer Education

After taking a year off of my business I decided to try again, but this time the right way. I was going to focus on building a community and investing in my business education. I started immersing myself in podcasts, business books, webinars, freebies, and eventually courses. I started seeing changes in my client experience and the quality of leads I was getting and I was hooked. I still wasn’t booked out by any means, so I decided to invest in my first course.

The first course I took was one of those fancy 10k months courses that was all fluff and very little strategy. I had invested 5 figures in something that didn’t even propel my business forward slightly. I found more value in the free content that I was consuming than the actual course. I was extremely disappointed!  I knew I jumped the gun purchasing the course after hearing the promise but not fully researching the creator. So when it came time to invest in more education I was extremely picky about who I trusted with my next investment!


Booked out designer course

I had been a follower of Elizabeth McCravy for quite some time and she happened to be one of my favorite podcast creators that I would binge-listen to! I knew I could trust her with my investment because as a listener to her podcast I saw how much value she brought to the table without purchasing anything. I had begun implementing her free advice into my business and was already reaping the benefits. When she announced she was creating a booked out designer course I knew that was made exactly for me! I got on her waiting list for the very first launch. I even set an alarm on my phone so I wouldn’t miss it, knowing that the spots would go quickly.  I saw the price and it was very close to the price I had already invested in and I immediately got scared. Negative thoughts started creeping in from the last experience but I went through the check-out and pulled the trigger.

Because the first launch was a beta launch only 2 modules were released at the time of my investment. (Note to say: they have all been released now!) I can honestly say I was nervous up until I began the first module, which at the time was the marketing module. When I tell you all doubt and fear immediately left me that is not an understatement. I learned more in Elizabeth’s first module than I did in any previous course, book, or podcast. It wasn’t packed with any fluff, but filled with real value that I could immediately implement into my business.


The results

Each time a new module was released, I was inside the course taking notes and changing the way I ran my business. Booked out designers showed me how to market my design skills, how to show up for my audience, how I organized my client projects, and how to create the best experience for my clients. I can honestly say that Elizabeth’s course was a turning point in my business. I began booking out my calendar and bringing in amazing leads.  One of my favorite parts of the booked out the designer course was being involved in an amazing community of designers, I built amazing friendships with the students. Elizabeth is always very hands on in the community and with the coaching calls. I still show up to them every so often to soak up more of her knowledge!

We all want to hear numbers right! I got you. 

This was my first year back in business implementing all free content and also the year that I took the all fluff course that I was disappointed in.


And this is just a portion of my earnings from last year after taking Elizabeth’s Booked out designer course! (Note: these numbers only represent custom design work and none of my passive income is included here!)


Since taking the booked out designer course I have been able to raise my prices, book out my custom clients, and the bonus: I have been able to focus on adding showit templates and canva templates inside my business as another source of income.


Time to join the booked out designer community

If you are on the fence about enrolling in the booked out designer course, feel free to reach out. I am happy to go into more detail about my experience! If you are ready to change your business path then now is an amazing time! Elizabeth is opening the doors to the course this month! I hope to see you inside of our amazing community!


As an affiliate I receive a small percentage of sales for our link, All opinions are my own! I only recommend things I trust and have tried!



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