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Interior Design Assistant | Brand and Showit Website Design

I’m so excited to share this client with you! Hannah is an Interior design assistant growing her new Interior design VA firm. She is definitely one to keep an eye on because this girl is driven! Hannah came to me to help her organzine and get clear on her brand that would reach her target clientele, help her grown into a multi-person VA Firm, and show that she is in fact the expert in her area of expertise.

With Hannah’s full brand and design experience, we started by building her brand pillars, Uncovering her why, her vision, and her mission. We dove deep into her ideal client research. How they behave, think, feel. We got clear on her brand voice and messaging so Hannah knew exactly how to show up and speak directly to her client’s pain point and how she is the answer to the problem! From there we designed her unique brand aesthetic.

Her branding was designed to allow growth into her company. The goal of going from working for herself to eventually having a multi Va firm that is still her own personal brand was very important with her branding identity. I am proud to announce with the launch of her new brand and website she is already reaching her goals of expanding and hiring within her firm. Like I said she is driven!

Hannah, I am so round of the steps you have already made and can’t wait to watch you excel in your passion!

Hannah’s Brand Guide



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