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Wedding & Photography Venue Logo and Branding Suite | Shades of teal

I am so excited to share my next client with you! Sarah is a creative event planner here in Michigan. She owns a wedding and a creative venue in our small town of Vassar inside a quaint historic building! I feel in love with her location and you guys its what dreams are made of!  Just imagine exposed brick original hardwood floors and high exposed ceilings. She transforms this building for events, weddings, and photography shoots.  Her style is a mix of all the right parts of chic, modern, boho, and historic. Sarah has talent on top of talent. When she came to me for her rebrand I was so excited to partner with her and her vision.

When Sarah came to me her main goal was having her brand fit her personality that she displays through her business. Sarah’s taste and design eye really helped inspire this brand refresh and take it to the next level.  Her love of teal paired with moody cooper tones really brings her brand alive. You can see the consistency through her venue, images and now her branding setting her apart and really showcasing her talents and making her name and brand recognizable to the venue community.



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