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Boho Inspired Logo Design for Embrace Health & Wellness

Hey Friends! I am so excited to share this amazing client with you all! The first time I spoke to Megan I listened to her style and I knew she was going to be one of my top favorite clients.

Okay, I guess that list is getting long because I say that about all my clients, I know! For real I have worked with some of the best of the best!

Megan sparked a creative side I haven’t been able to focus on in a while and that is the calming design style of Boho / Bohemian. Boho branding is a trend I am seeing a lot so far this year as well and earth-tone natural color pallets. This brand checks all of my inspiration boxes! I literally started sketching designs as we were having our first initial consultation!

Megan was drawn to natural tones and with her therapy practice, we wanted the colors and elements to provoke safety, claiming, and relaxation. She wanted to create a serene environment where her patients came to heal. To provoke those feelings within her brand we chose a soft flowing font paired with a sun styled with a boho vibe. The sun can symbolize many things to many people. We chose the sun to illustrate the relaxing feeling of the sunrise and sunset and symbolically the sun setting on the chapter of trauma and rising on the chapter of healing






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