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Whats working in 2020

What’s working 2020

This week I am sharing with you some of my 2020 goals and what’s been working for me to bring them to light!

2020 is my fresh start. I relaunched my business after taking almost a year off! I have so many goals this year and things I can’t wait to share with you, but first I needed to take actionable steps to bring them to light! I started January with 2 key steps to start working on my plan!

Organize. Plan, & Prep.
Rome wasn’t built in a day and either will be achieving all of 2020 goals!
To move forward we need actionable steps to do so. I am sharing these 2 steps if you planning on a big year of goals like me!


I started by first organizing my workspace- I will be spending more time here then I did last year and having a clean, organized office to concentrate in was key. I hate chaos and mess. I organized my desk, files, and utilized the space I had to work with how I use it, If you are spending a lot of your time in an area of your home or office I suggest this step first! No more stacks of papers everywhere! Find them a home and keep the space a place you can spend your time creating in not stressing in!

The next place I organized was my inbox, my google drive, and my CRM.
I spend a lot of time in these 3 places and I wanted everything to be organized easy to find and work the best for me! I currently use Dubsado for my CRM, It helps keep all of my projects, contracts, invoices. appointments and project tasks in one area! I highly recommend it for any service-based business!

Plan &  Prep
The next thing I did this month was to print out a goal worksheet for me to write down all of my goals!
 (Pinterest has 100’s or maybe find a planner that will work for you)

I chose 2 worksheets: a yearly goal list and then a monthly goal list. This helped me list everything I wanted to accomplish then break them down monthly. It helps me provide a flow of steps on on how to accomplish big goals. it also helped find areas in the year where I can spend time focusing on some of my smaller goals! I really liked this idea so as the year progresses I can see how far I have come!

As I began prepping I used printable weekly and monthly schedules to help me organize my time. I didn’t invest in an actual planner but you totally could! I work one-on-one with many clients and have several other projects from my goal list I also need to be working on. Carving out a weekly schedule where I know exactly what I need to be working on, and how much time I am spending on specific projects has helped me stay on task and find time to work on my specific goal for the month! when I sit down at the beginning of the week I fill out my schedule look at my monthly goal list and my project list and set time to work on everything!  I have also taken this a step further and scheduled out my availability on when I can accept appointments with clients or potential clients based on the weekly schedule.

A sneak peek at a few of my Goals

My goal list is big and I have both personal and business goals. I won’t bore you with everything but here is what I am most excited about!

Launching my premade template shop

A new brand development program

Speaking and teaching at my first workshop/conference

Travel to somewhere I’ve never been

I hope some of these ideas help you organize some of your goals and get you started on the right path this year!
See you next week!




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