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Top 3 Tips To Find Your Next Client

When you are self-employed and you are having a slow time, it can be one of the scariest times. Trust me I have been there and I know first hand how stressful this can be. After about 5 years of running my own business and dealing with the slow times, I have come up with my top 3 tips to help anyone out of their slump and signing their next client.



Reaching out to your past clients is a great way to not only get some much-needed work it is also great for your customer care side. Reaching out to a past client you haven’t spoken to in a while and checking in with them on how they are doing and how their business, life, etc are going shows you are there for clients past the end of their contract. It shows them if they need you now or in the future, you will be there for them. And bonus they just might have some work now they need to get off their plate.


This seems like an easy one but it’s one for me that I have struggled with in the past. When things are busy I would run out of time or forget and then when things slowed down I would go into survival mode making up for lost time on the social media front. Planning your content a few weeks to a month in advance and scheduling them to automatically post is a big time saver. I take one day a month and plan everything out using a platform called later. 

Building relationships and engaging on social media is just as important. By engaging, I don’t mean constantly trying to sell your service or products. What I mean is getting to know your followers or potential clients. Commenting and liking their images, responding to their stories, and answering questions in facebook groups. Strinking up converstation about other things than what you want to sell them. Actually caring about them, and showing an interest in what they are putting out there. Building solid online relationships is a great way to build your following and reach those dream clients.



Think back to your past clients where did they come from? Let run some test scenarios!

Word of mouth:  Maybe a friend or a past client recommended you! Great, let your past clients, family, friends, & followers know that you are booking up or selling a new product etc. Post it on social media, send out an email blast whatever way to remind them that your still there! Start a referral or affiliate program by rewarding those amazing referrals! You don’t have to make it complicated to have it work!

Social media: Maybe your last client found you on Instagram or Facebook. Research #’s that your potential clients are useing or following, find out what facbook groups they hang out in, comment and engage with them on their pages, posts, and stories.

Website contact: Maybe they found you more of an organic way google/ website. Try updating your SEO, post blogs that drive traffic to your website. Update your portfolio or packages and send out a newsletter by email! If you don’t already have an opt-in for them to join your email list, get one! Your email list can be a powerful source of potential clients. They already know you, like what you have to say and they want to hear from you more! So utilize the email list!

Remembering where your past clients came from can help you figure out where to start. Not all of these will pertain to you but you get the exercise! Go back to the roots and start there.



This isn’t a tip to find clients necessary but it is a tip to get you through the lows in whatever area of life. Postive attracts more positive. So keep the worry and fear out of your head and have unwavering faith!  These low times are meant to reflect, set goals, dream big, and start new. Without lows, we can never experience the highs! You got this!


XO| Amanda

Web + Brand Designer



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